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Product Name Fundamentals of Multimedia : United States Edition Offer serk fe beer Ceramic Coffee Mug and Spoon Set Paws-itively Cute
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For one-semester, advanced undergraduate/graduate-level Multimedia courses in departments of Computer Science, Engineering, CIS, and IT. This text fills a gap in the rapidly growing field of multimedia by introducing advanced programming students to the basic concepts of multimedia. Written by experienced teachers, this text evolved from materials used in class and forms the basis for all of the important topics that should be covered in a multimedia course. The material emphasizes concepts over applications and exposes students to real issues that they will encounter in the workplace.

عرض خاص ٣ كتب بسعر خاص

From kitties to piggies…these ceramic mug and spoon sets put a paws-itive spin on your morning cup of coffee. The ceramic lid keeps coffee, tea or hot cocoa warm – perfect for busy days at home or at the office. *16.6 ounce capacity ceramic mugs *Includes ceramic lid and stainless steel spoon with ceramic paw handle *Available in kitty, bear, pig and bunny themes *Pastel pink, yellow, blue, green and white

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