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Product Name Fundamentals of Strategy, 2/e with MyStrategyLab and The Strategy Experience simulation Offer dumaya bobo Kayf Ykhtar Omar Al qada
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This package includes a physical copy of Fundamentals of Strategy, by Johnson, Whittington & Scholes as well as access to MyStrategyLab and the The Strategy Experience simulation. Your Instructor will need to provide you with a course ID in order for you to access MyStrategyLab and The Strategy Experience simulation. Fundamentals of Strategy is a concise version of the market-leading text Exploring Strategy. It has been developed for students on short courses in strategy - for example, doing an initial course at undergraduate, postgraduate or post-experience level, or studying strategy as part of a wider degree in the arts, sciences or engineering. The book comprises 10 chapters, and focuses on the analysis and formulation of strategy. MyLab and Mastering from Pearson improve results for students and educators. Used by over ten million students, they effectively engage learners at every stage. "Used in combination with a customised book and a well planned pedagogic sequence, MyStrategyLab proved to be very useful in enriching the students' learning process." Christophe Lejeune, lecturer, EM-Strasbourg Business School, University of Strasbourg, France With MyStrategyLab, students gain knowledge that they will use throughout their lives, and universities gain a partner deeply committed to helping students and educators achieve their goals. For students Self-assessment and online gradebook Students of all abilities can work through the questions at their own pace, access related resources, and see instant feedback on their answers. For educators Online assignments, tests, quizzes can be easily created and assigned to students. Gradebook: Assignments are automatically graded and visible at a glance. Register now to benefit from these resources. A student access code card is included with your textbook at a reduced cost. To register with your code, visit For educator access, contact your Pearson account manager. To find out who your account manager is, visit For more instructor resources available with this title, visit

عرض خاص ٣ كتب بسعر خاص

يؤمن المختصون في الإدارة أن مردَ نجاح كل منظمة – بعد توفيق الله – هو قائدها، وباتوا يبحثون أفضل السبل وأنجح الطرق لإختيار القادة القادرين على قيادة منظماتهم نحو شواطيء النجاح والإنجاز والتميز. وأبحروا يمنة ويسرة بحثا عن خبرات ناضجة، وخبرات ناجحة ، في مجال اختيار القادة. في ثنايا هذا الكتاب نرحل إلى خبرة تاريخية ناضجة، من عصر إسلامي زاهر، بطلها قائد وقف التاريخ له إجلالا وانبهارا، فقد أتعب من بعده، وفاق كل متفوق . هات يدك نمضي معا في رحلة إلى عصر الخليفة الراشد عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه، ذاك العصر الذي تلألأت في سمائه كوكبة من القادة العظماء، ونتساءل: كيف اختارهم عمر؟ وماذا تقول علوم الإدارة الحديثة عن ذلك؟

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