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Product Name Now here or the Eastern Mediterranean again Ghorabaa Fe Baytna Offer lagee saudi
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Author: Abderrahmane Munif A novel that belongs to the literature of prisons in which Abderrahmane Munif expressed a political situation that is a reality that the peoples of the Arab world live and the victims of the nation's youth who are passionate about freedom. It continues Abdel Rahman Munif's journey into prisons in the Arab world after the Eastern Mediterranean novel he published 15 years ago as if to say that the passage of time in this part of the world has no impact on the relationship between power and citizens. As in the Eastern Mediterranean, the place and time are not specified, but they are camouflaged, where Manif invents two states (Amouria and Moran) are two images of the reality of the peoples of the Arab world in general.

تحكي القصة عن فوائد وأضرار الحاسوب والانترنت بطريقة مشوقة, وتستعرض التعامل الحكيم من الآباء والأمهات مع هذا الموضوع, وكيفية إقناع الطفل بتعلم ماهو أفيد من ذلك بشكل تربوي سليم.

عرض ٣ كتب بسعر ١٠٠ درهم

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