This Matter of Marriage

AED29AED السعر بدون ضريبة: AED29AED
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الموديل: 2019
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If Hallie McCarthy is going to get married and start a family the way she wants to, she&;s going to need a plan. And a man. Since Hallie is an organized, goal-setting kind of person, she gives herself a year to meet Mr. Knight in Shining Armor. But all her dates are absolute disasters. Aren&;t there any nice, normal guys out there?

Too bad she can&;t just fall for her good-looking neighbor, Steve Marris. He&;s definitely not her type. Anyway, Steve&;s busy trying to win back his ex-wife, who&;s busy getting married&;just not to Steve. Life would be so much simpler if he could fall for someone else. Like&;Hallie.

They are friends, though&;and sometimes friends become more&;

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